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Sac Hermès Sac Hermès Birkin Sac Hermès kelly

Kelly Hermes Bag is termed after the actress/princess Kelly Grace. It was made by an individual craftsman for 18 hours of hard work. The skin gets into the factory that is previously laid out to a perfect balance and ready for the magic touches of an expert for the completion of the handbag. The material used for the liner is the goat skin and it is the initial part that needs to be sewn.

After the lining is through, the handbag's base is hand sewn from the front up to the back using the wax linen posts. Every push of a filling device is cautiously done in double saddled stitches. The mini holes are completed by the bradawls prior to the stitches and the stitches size dictates for the sizes of the holes.

Following the base, the handle follows in the cautious creation of the Hermes Kelly handbags. The shaping was carefully by the hand by meticulous attentions to every detail. Layers from the sewed leathers are smooth with sandpapers that were colored to go with the colors of the handbags. Hot waxes were applied for the protection of handles from moisture.Sac Hermès
Sac Hermès Birkin
Sac Hermès kelly

The initial front flaps were then added on the bags body followed by the distinctive hardware at 4 feet from the bottom. Every metal part was complete by hand rivets.

The handbags will likely then be ironed to smooth gently the wrinkles of the calfskins. And the final touches will be the placing of the gold seal of approvalSac Hermès
Sac Hermès Birkin
Sac Hermès kelly
that shows the Hermes Paris.